Death’s Door (Deluxe Triple Vinyl)
Death’s Door (Deluxe Triple Vinyl) Death’s Door (Deluxe Triple Vinyl)

Death’s Door (Deluxe Triple Vinyl)



Death’s Door (Original Soundtrack)
David Fenn
Product Information:
    - 50 tracks from the 2021 Zelda-inspired action game
    - Sleeve art by Frits Olsen
    - Black discs
    Don’t fear the Reapers.
    Acid Nerve, Devolver Digital and Laced Records have formed a commission to release the sensational soundtrack to Death’s Door on vinyl.
    The Zelda-inspired dungeon delver is the smash hit follow-up to Mark Foster and David Fenn’s boss-focused debut Titan Souls. Sure to be included on many Game of the Year lists, Death’s Door won Best Indie Game at The Golden Joystick Awards, and is nominated for Best Independent Game at The Game Awards 2021.
    David Fenn’s score helps to fill players with hope and resolve rather than overwhelm them with aggression and bombast. The varied soundtrack is stuffed with exhilarating boss cues, more meditative and mysterious tracks, and quirky ditties. Every track is full of rich instrumentation, including layered percussion, piano, pan-pipes, guitar, and orchestral and choral elements.
    It’s a triumph both in-game and as a standalone listen, and another win for indie developer-composers creating soundtracks that perfectly resonate with their game’s visual and narrative aesthetics
    *All images shown here are mock-ups.*

    Track List
    DISC 1
    SIDE A
    Death's Door
    The Crows
    Hall of Doors
    Demonic Forest Spirit
    Lost Cemetery
    Beginner's Battle
    The Summit
    Estate of the Urn Witch
    SIDE B
    Soup by the Fire
    Ceramic Manor
    The Urn Witch
    Shall We Dance
    A Gift
    Furnace Observation Rooms
    Inner Furnace
    The Gravedigger's Heart
    The Throne Room
    DISC 2
    SIDE A
    Silent Servants
    Overgrown Ruins
    The Forest Settlers
    The Elder's Horn
    Adventurer's Battle
    Mushroom Dungeon
    Crooked Crow
    SIDE B
    Flooded Fortress
    Reaper's Battle
    King of the Swamp
    Barb's Song
    The Stranded Sailor
    Castle Lockstone
    The Border
    The Foretold Crow
    DISC 3
    SIDE A
    The Old Watchtowers
    Death's Tale
    The Grey Crow
    The Lord's Gauntlet
    The Last Lord
    SIDE B
    The Gravedigger's Locket
    Spirit of the Depths
    We Reap What We Sow
    The Gravedigger's Request
    A True Epilogue